Your body is speaking to you all the time, yet you’ve been trained to trust experts over our own experience. This undermines your own instincts and makes it difficult to decode what your body is trying to say.

Are you done with that? If so, please come closer.

Because you can transform your health on every level by coming alongside your body rather than working against it. As you do so, you become the expert. You become empowered to take kind and effective action.

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura Halpin, Certified Nutrition Consultant and health handholder. I’m on a mission to help reconnect what is disconnected.

I help my beloved clients reconnect with themselves by supporting their bodies’ innate healing abilities. We look at health holistically, knowing that all areas of life and all systems of the body are connected. Rather than medicating over symptoms, we dig for the roots.

My approach is simple: no one eating approach is right for everyone; diets and calorie counting weaken our relationships with our bodies; eating healthfully can be satisfying and fun; awareness and mindfulness bring healing; community and kindness are essential.

If you’re ready to dig for the roots of what’s going in your body, it can begin with a conversation. Shall we talk?

Apply here for a free consult to figure out your next best step.

I’m thrilled to open the doors for A Year of Living Mindfully 2017. Please come in.

Laura's "Year of Living Mindfully" is by far the best gift I have given myself in a long time. Initially, I was motivated to join the class to learn effective ways of coping with stress and eating more healthfully - but what I am gaining from Laura is so much more. To be a part of a close-knit group of caring women who all share a common goal of leading healthy, meaningful and enriched lives is very fulfilling and empowering.


Laura's comprehensive "Year of Living Mindfully" has placed me firmly on a long-term path to healing filled with inspiration and knowledge. Her hands-on approach literally takes us in her kitchen, creating culinary alternatives that are delicious and easy to integrate into my everyday life. Each month's theme gives me a framework to learn more about myself, questions my daily habits, and motivates me to try different approaches to improve my emotional and physical well-being.


I can't express enough what a wonderful experience working with Laura has been. Laura is incredible. She understands exactly what you need and ensures that your experience will provide you with a lifetime change. She puts her whole heart and soul into her work and it comes through in her teaching and the relationships she builds.



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